Empowering through Education

The US-Africa Children’s Fellowship is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to improving education for young people in Africa. As of April 2013, USACF has sent twenty-three 40-foot shipping containers to schools in Zimbabwe (15 containers), Ghana (3 containers), Tanzania (3 containers), South Africa (1 container). Botswana (1 container). Each container is filled with library books, textbooks, school supplies, sports equipment, toys, and other needed materials. USACF is working hard to improve the lives of more than 250 000 children.


  • Reading tests results have increased from 5% passing to 60% passing in many schools.
  • More students are qualifying for universities
  • Children living far from their rural schools can come to school on cold days because they have sneakers and shoes.
  • Students can now sit at desks to read because USACF has now repaired more than 1,200 units of school furniture. Twice a year USACF returns to Zimbabwe to work with teachers and community members to repair additional units of furniture and paint schools.
  • USACF triples the population of kindergarten classes by supplying them with educational toys.
  • Sport programs have flourished because USACF supplies schools with soccer balls, uniforms, and summer coaches.
  • Rural school libraries now have thousands of books and for the first time children can take books home to read
  • American students learn the difficulties of getting an education in Africa and are empowered to help by donating their own supplies and corresponding with children in sister schools.
  • Teacher morale in participating African schools has dramatically increased. Teacher retention is high.
  • USACF meets with other NGOs working around the world to improve and expand the services to children.
  • USACF gives new hope to life’s dreams.