USACF Mission

US-Africa Children’s Fellowship is dedicated to expanding and enhancing the education of children. Through developing respectful and trusting relationships, and appreciation for one another’s culture, we increase educational opportunities for all participating children and their communities. And it is through mutual understanding and support that the children of Africa and the United States will build bridges to the future.

Activities in support of this goal include:

  • Study and research
  • Letter and e-mail exchanges
  • Sharing of photographic histories
  • School supports
  • Collection of educational materials for African schools
  • Raise funds for these activities.

Fast Facts

Jan. 2013

  • USACF supports more than 250 000 children in 250 schools in Zimbabwe, Ghana, Botswana, and South Africa.
  • USACF has shipped twenty 40-foot containers to Africa.
  • Each container holds 1,600 boxes of library books, textbooks, school supplies, sports equipment, toys, games, toiletries, computers, bicycles, clothing, and other needed items.
  • USACF has given presentations in hundreds of schools in the New York City area to more than 20,000 students.
  • Over 30% of our African students are orphans. One half have lost at least one parent.
  • USACF runs a school furniture repair program and has repaired more than 2,000 desks, chairs and benches.
  • USACF has plastered and repainted two entire schools
  • Each summer USACF in partnership with Super Soccer Stars sends soccer coaches to Zimbabwe to run clinics for students and teachers.
  • Each summer USACF takes volunteers to Africa to work in our schools and visit local sites.
  • USACF offers technical assistance to other organizations working around the world.

USACF Board Members

  • Mark Grashow – Chair of the Board
  • Sheri Saltzberg – Treasurer of the Board
  • Escar Kusema – Secretary of the Board
  • Paulo de Sousa
  • Alice Herb
  • Andrew Hughes
  • Denise Ortiz
  • Dale Bernardino
  • Alexander Grashow
  • Dominic Muntanga