Caring Carpenters

Rebuilding School Furniture

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Our school furniture repair program has exploded. In July 2011, USACF contracted with a Zimbabwean lumber company to pre-cut lumber to size at very reasonable prices. They use teak wood, which is very durable and termite resistant. Over the last three years, USACF has repaired 1,000 units of school furniture.

During the first year, we repaired furniture at Dulusha Primary School. Dulusha was a very poor underperforming school. Over the course of the next year the community replaced all the broken windows of the school, repaired all classroom doors, and moved their library from a small closet into a full classroom. And in 2012, the entire school was painted by the Caring Carpenters and the local community. The school has been transformed and everyone is excited. The staff and community have become more committed. We could not be happier with the effects of our work in Dulusha. We hope to increase our training of former students in carpentry.

Any support for the carpentry program is welcome. Sponsoring schools and organizations would have their names stenciled onto the repaired desks. The repair of one desk costs only $15. Andy Hughes, who is on our Board, in charge of the program.